Anxiety Epidemic

My work experience has landed me in the center of what feels like an anxiety epidemic. So today I am taking stock, organizing some thoughts and offering some guiding principles. We are living in a world that is not responding to our human need to be present to the current moment. It is as if we are on a runaway train to "get-it-done faster, with fewer resources" town. It's not working, in fact, many are suffering because we have reached a place where anxiety and stress seem to be the norm.

The only rational way to work with this is to first acknowledge this dilemma. I call it a dilemma because for most who are suffering, there feels like no way out. There is a way out, but you have to choose to go against the momentum of the culture. When we do this, it means that friends, family and associates often consider us strange for a time. But once you feel better, when you have eliminated your anxious steady state and you feel calmer, everyone else still on the runaway train starts to seem strange. One can't help thinking - why isn't everyone getting off this wild ride?

Here are a few ideas to help you start disembarking the train:

* Acknowledge your anxiety, start to rate it daily on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 the worst, how intense is your anxiety today? * Start asking yourself, what is more important - my health or this pace/quality of life? * Start seeking the benefits you receive from staying in the anxiety loop. This can be tricky. For instance, is it easier for you to remain feeling a victim of your life, than to take responsibility and seek change? * Educate yourself. It won't take much investigating to realize that Western medicine lacks remedies for anxiety. The best remedies are energy based treatments, and holistically based thoughts. You will have to go outside the mainstream medical system for quality help. * Evaluate your life for what you can let go of, what you can stop doing. What can you replace with nurturing, peace-inducing activities? * Nature calms and soothes. Find an outdoor activity and spend daily time out-of-doors. Energetically you will begin to feel refreshed. * If you have experienced trauma at any time in life, learn Emotional Freedom Tapping. Practice mindful breathing. Through new practices you discover that you can impact your anxiety level on your own. Unresolved emotional trauma happens frequently, to many, often unknowingly. * If you know someone who is chronically anxious, encourage them to connect with people who can help. Remind them that they have a choice about responding to life anxiously. Do not accept it as the only possibility for their life quality by not asking them to consider doing something differently.

Here are several ideas to begin change. If you are suffering, please know that help is available. Let's reverse this anxiety epidemic by sharing ideas about how to live differently. We create the cultural norm. As soon as enough of us choose to live differently, we will all live with less anxiety.