Laurel's Monday Message 4-23-12

Bringing our behavior into alignment with what our inner life truly wants relieves conflict. When we feel conflicted, many emotions can surface. Emotional content can help us, offering good guidance as we sort through each emotion for the deeper messages. But without acting in alignment with our authentic inner self, we remain conflicted. When we are stuck in this conflict, we become frustrated with ourselves, but may focus on the situation or others around us who also may seem frustrating to us. Ultimately what relieves the conflict and then the resulting feelings of frustration or resentment, is changing our own behavior, acting from a place of integrity. Understanding our deeper desires and needs, then learning to organize our life so that we feel in alignment with these, we relieve our inner confusion. Always shifting the focus away from others and onto our inner world and what is happening there, means regaining our authentic inner power and ultimately the truest path to influencing life. Click here for today's message.