Laurel's Monday Message 4-9-12

Continuing this week with a focus on breathing, your powerful transformational force, I invite you to consider your breath as a portal to your own company. Each morning as I sit and connect with my breath, a vast peace descends within and around me. Because I have practiced this for twenty years, when I mindfully breathe, that same sensation is resurrected in the moment, no matter what is happening around me. This powerful tool, that holds the ability to transform any stressful moment, is always just a breath away. The more we practice breathing consciously, learning to relax into the center of our being, the more awareness we bring to each moment. As we become more familiar with our emotional states, our habitual thought patterns and the nuances of moment-to-moment changes in our physical body, we become adept at knowing ourselves more intimately. This translates to experiencing our inner authentic power, the quality that transforms life. Click here for todays Monday message, sit back and breathe with me.