Questions to Ask Yourself about Fear

When we ask ourselves questions and we don't immediately know the answers, this is a wonderful thing. Because this means there is something to be learned, usually something valuable. Here are questions to ask yourself in your exploration of fear. These will assist in helping unearth the goldmine that your fear can offer you - * What are you afraid of? Make a list. Keep it updated as you discover new themes. * How does fear feel in your body? Where is it in your body? How does it move and change as you pay attention? * Who are you afraid of? What causes this? * Do you experience anxiety? Is so, what triggers your anxious feelings? Make a list. * What do you worry about? Make a list. * Think back to the first time you remember feeling fearful. How might this have conditioned you to be afraid of life? What other experiences have you had that conditioned you to fear life? * Think about worry as a need for control that will never be fulfilled. What might you be gaining from spending your time worrying? * What messages do you give yourself about your safety in the world? * How much time do you invest in watching the news, frightening movies or anxiety provoking television? What draws you to spend time this way? * How much time do you spend in activities that cause you to feel safe, loved and calm? How could you increase this time?

If you are prone to anxiety - go slowly with these questions! Do not stimulate fear within yourself without a plan to learn how to let the fear go, while growing a sense of safety and trust that is stronger than any fear you feel. Tomorrow I will post a brief exercise for working with fear. Till then, perhaps read the questions and pick one at a time to answer and work with. As you begin to uncover the ways you feel unsafe in the world, it is important to build up your courage and your ability to calm yourself and shift to a sense of safety internally. These are skills that can be developed with practice :) We will get to work on those skills tomorrow.