Let's Talk About Fear - All Week!

This week is shaping up to be focusing on Fear as the topic. It seems to have been popping up all around me as a subject that could use some quality attention. I am sharing some empowering ideas - places to bring your attention for developing consciousness around the way fear may be limiting your life. Last week I interviewed Holistic Financial Coach Pete Smith. This time we turned our attention to how your financial life can be a guide to your inner world, and then to the myth that money brings happiness and security. You'll find dialogue about building self-confidence, looking within - to a place beyond any immediate impulse to spend, and the importance of developing habits of responsible financial management - from a place beyond fear. Wow, I just love how Pete urges us to look more deeply, and in doing so, leads us to a place of inner authentic power and peace.

You can listen to our talk about your finances and your inner life here.

Click here to watch our recording about the myth of money equalling happiness and security. Tomorrow - more about working with fear!