Laurel's Monday Message 3-26-12

What are you doing with your fear? Do you know how to make use of it? Do you know how to work with it? Do you know how it can be useful to you? Fear is a big emotion with lots of lessons built into it. Without knowing how to work with fear, without knowing what it's intelligence is all about and without knowing how to utilize this emotion for growth experience, we can end up feeling trapped and victimized by life. My message today is about fear. It is a tiny little introduction, meant to engage your attention in how you experience fear, so that you may begin to make good use of your fear, and consider altering patterns that have developed where fear is stopping you from experiencing life in a healthy way. Click here for today's message.Next Monday I will be posting a brief exercise in learning to work with fear. In the meantime, Here is a link to Cheryl Richardson's recent video posting on Emotional Freedom Tapping, a wonderful and simple tool for dealing with emotional energy, moving out of the place of feeling stuck. My sister, Dawn Jepson, who is a Hypnotherapist, taught me this technique years ago. If you haven't heard of this technique before, let me know if you want to learn more. I love sharing simple and powerful change habits!