Laurel's Monday Message 3-5-12

What is important to you? I propose that the world becomes what we collectively consider important and what we value - consciously. So, if we are making the superficial important, we give attention to what is superficial. When we make kindness, love and compassion important, we grow this in the world and experience more of it. If we individually take responsibility to act on what we consider truly important, my theory is that the world will be a kinder place to live. My challenge this week asks you to become clear and conscious about what is important to you, what you care about and what you value. Then review your daily schedule and actions. Are the things that you value and of importance to you in alignment with how you spend your time each day? If not, you will not feel like the powerful creator of your life. If they are in alignment, you will feel a person of integrity and inner strength. You will resonate this congruence in your being and in your life, and others will be drawn to your powerful vibration. When we are out of alignment in this way, we inadvertently send messages of disharmony and conflict, and that discordant vibration can repel others.

Click here for today's message. I hope this message inspires you to bring your values into your conscious mind, take inventory of your daily actions and then make moment-to-moment choices in support of what is important to you. This is how we become the powerful creators of our lives!