Authentic Financial Power

Today I am posting links to two brief interviews with a colleague, Pete Smith. Pete is a Holistic Financial Coach. He works with clients to help them experience more peace and joy in their financial life using an approach different from most financial planners and financial service providers. Pete helps clients heal conflicted feelings about money, freeing them up to see money simply as a resource to be managed in life. If we carry unconscious feelings about finances that disconnect us from our inner authentic power, we often find our financial life in chaos. When we feel authentically powerful, even in the realm of finances, we make healthy choices in line with our values and what we know will bring us peace and joy. Pete gets to the heart of helping you do this with his unique approach. Pete and I will be posting more interviews. We are here to address questions, concerns and conflicts of those who want support addressing financial frustrations. Leave a comment here at my blog, or send questions to my email - or Pete's email - We'll answer them soon!

Click here to watch the interview about budgeting and emotions. Click here to watch the interview about the cycle of overspending.