Laurel's Monday Message 2-27-12

Do you ever consider your financial life in light of the truth of your inner life? What an empowering way to reframe how we look at and direct the way we interact with money. Here's an example. If you are in a loop of spending more money than you earn or have, it may reflect a desire for happiness that you are attempting to fulfill unsatisfactorily through buying. Or it could mean that you feel unworthy and are looking for "the buying and having" to fulfill a sense of lack - inside a deep feeling of - I am not enough. Wow, to reconsider your financial world in light of these inner feelings and messages can change your life - and reconnect you with your inner power to adapt new practices around spending, saving and earning. But the beginning is dealing with the feelings connected to your financial life. Click here to watch my Monday message. Later this week I will be posting video interviews with Pete Smith of IPersonalFinances, a holistic financial coach who helps individuals overcome feelings that block them from achieving financial peace. Stay tuned!