Reconnecting with Our Creativity

Experts say that the average person loses a great deal of his or her creative-thinking abilities at age five, the start of kindergarten. I just read this idea in a book about marketing. Pause, is what I did. My brain grabbed the idea and added the knowledge that I have become increasingly creative in the last year. In fact, I feel that I am entering the most creative phase of my life, if I leave out my experience of raising children. That was a highly creative phase in which I helped shape three lives and reshaped my own inner life. The current period of my life is powerfully different though - thus the post today about connecting to our creative nature. Watch children play and you will see free, unedited creativity. Put humans in institutionalized places and watch them disconnect from that inner flow of creative energy. In institutionalized settings, we often conform socially, physically, emotionally and mentally as a method of surviving the experience with our "inner self" in tact. I am not proposing that we let go of all social norms - because that would be a big mess! What I am thinking about is how much we disconnect or suppress our natural creative instincts and energetic flow when we find ourselves in these settings. Since many of us "live" in these settings - school, work, even families - just how much are we unconsciously disconnecting from our natural creative nature? And at what cost? to us? to our loved ones? to the suffering culture?

My purpose in this writing is not to solve this individual and collective issue, but rather to cause you, the reader to consider what I am writing. Ask yourself questions about your creative energy. Here are a few to ponder: * What did you play at when you were a little child - what were your favorite games and make-believe activities? * What do you do creatively today? How often are you engaged in creative process? * Where do you feel stuck in your life? This is a trail of considering where you've blocked your natural creative energy in your life. * How creative do you feel in your relationships, how fully do you express your truth and honest feelings? * When do feel excited about what you are doing and in what ways might this relate to your creative energy? * When you take a historical inventory about your "institutional" life, where do feel like you were unable to express yourself readily? Take some time to consider how this conditioned the creative nature out of your day-to-day process. (i.e. In my family, I felt that we were discouraged from discussing emotional experiences openly.Thus I had difficulty expressing my emotions readily and eventually feeling them fully.)

If you are the powerful creator of your life, how are you doing with feeling this? Having the experience, right now, of feeling I am the powerful creator of my life, I can honestly say it feels amazing - exciting - energizing - liberating and sometimes a little scary! I feel connected to a source within that feels beyond my small self, fueling me when I sit quietly, connecting with that energy in my daily meditation. I feel hopeful about the future, excited by all the possibilities of what can happen as I keep engaging creatively everyday. I feel ready to meet any challenge and willing to seek help and answers if I come across something where suddenly I feel stuck. It's powerful!

Contrast this with a young woman who hated the career she started, was confused about her marriage and afraid of not knowing how to navigate life. Yes, that was me many years ago before I started looking within and allowing the real me to speak and find my way into my answers and a lifestyle that suited me. I know how impossible it feels to imagine that life can be - amazing - exciting - energizing - liberating! I found my way back to my creative energy by looking for the real me within. It took courage and determination and a willingness to say where I went wrong and then give myself permission to change course. My courage and determination grew every step of the way as I uncluttered my inner world of old messages telling me I had to live a certain way and be "a good girl". I consciously reconditioned myself to reconnect to my authentic self, and this included my natural creative energy. And I love life today.

My message is this - reconnect with your natural creative energy - the world needs it desperately. I am here to help.