The Runes

Many years ago when I was studying and training to become a Tai Chi instructor, I learned about the I Ching, also known as The Book of Changes. This ancient text explains the divination process of tossing the coins/sticks/etc as a way of tapping into and reading the energy of the universe and our connection to it in the moment that we are making our inquiry. Playing with the I Ching was a wonderful introduction to "peering" into the mystical world, asking for a door of knowing or seeing to be opened. I like to think of it this way because the world of mystery and of the divine is always present, it is a matter of whether or not we choose to connect. As I have moved deeper into my path of self-understanding and revelation, I am drawn to play with reading the energies again. My dear friend wisely gifted me the precious treasure of a set of Runes and its accompanying book. This dear friend offered me a first reading the night of winter solstice when we communed under the moon and stars in the moon hut she graciously and beautifully created for our evening gathering. Now during my early morning meditation, I allow any inquiry to arise. If something comes up, before I close my morning sitting, I consult the Runes. As I move consciously through my days, creating and working, there are many choices to be made. I tend to move in my flow of work easily and have a strong sense of the direction to take moment-to-moment. But when there are important crossroads to navigate, new relationships to establish and places where I feel unclear, the Runes are a wonderful tool to tap into the energy in question.

Why am I writing about this? A few reasons - and here they are -

* Because this morning as my eyes gazed down at a little note I made from The Book of Runes, I had the impulse to share those special words with you.

* Because as I started writing this posting in my mind, I realized the message it sends is really important. I think it's important for many reasons but mostly because - notice how I am playing! I am incorporating an activity into daily life that I experience as nourishing and rejuvenating. I am not just reading about this divination process or going to someone else for a reading but instead - I am providing this fun/interest in my life. It nurtures me on a soul level.

* Because when we sense that we are more than simply a human being, that we are spirit inhabiting body, having a human experience to learn and grow, communing with divine energy becomes a natural and exhilarating part of daily life. If we want to be renewed by this resource, we must seek it out, set aside time, focus attention in this direction - make it a priority.

* Because when I thought about writing about The Runes, I wanted to share a concrete example of how I make my day interesting, meaningful and joyful. It is these small experiences that carry much more value than we realize for creating interest and meaning in life. It is action, connected to an underlying belief, that reminds me I am valuable and deserving of nurturing.

So I invite you to play! How do you nurture yourself? How do you recreate your energy daily? How do you make life spiritual and meaningful experience - daily? What do you DO?

Lastly, from The Book of Runes by Ralph H. Blum, his beautiful words as an accompaniment to daily bathing.

"I cleanse myself of all selfishness Resentment Critical feeling for my fellow being, Self-condemnation, And misinterpretation of my life experiences.

I bathe myself in generosity Appreciation Praise and gratitude for my fellow beings Self-acceptance And enlightened understanding of my life experiences."

I especially appreciate the way he reminds us that we have the power to interpret our life experiences as a path of enlightenment rather than self-criticism. What a wonderful expression of how we create self-acceptance and self-love through conscious self-care.