Laurel's Monday Message 1-30-12

Are you feeling like the powerful creator of your life? Do you feel satisfied with life as you look about you? Are you feeling motivated to make changes? What keeps you from making changes that you deeply desire? Maybe you're feeling ready for a next step after last week's message. Last week's message was to remind yourself that you can begin to recreate your life by saying inside, "I am the powerful creator of my life". It may feel like it's time, as you look at your life, to begin taking inventory. What's working - what's not? The most important attitude you can cultivate with this step is a kind and gentle attitude. Taking our time to consciously craft our lives is like an art project. Allowing the process to develop one stage at time, growing it from a creative place that takes each modification into account, proceeding slowly is prudent. This is not a race, it's important crafting that is worth all the attention and love that you can give it. Click here for today's Monday Message.