Common Knowledge

What kinds of ideas do you consider common knowledge? Maybe these are some. The grass is green. The sky is blue. In America, we elect our President every four years. Coffee and tea are typical morning beverages of choice. If you suddenly need medical care because of an immediate health problem, head to the emergency room of a hospital. Women, not men, give birth to babies. Cars need gasoline to operate. The time has come for us to understand how our inner worlds operate. The knowledge is available, but one has to voluntarily acquire it. Knowing the basics will change your life forever, and empower you in new ways. Consider some of the basics and muse about how these ideas might change your life.

We can direct our thinking. Living in a culture in which it is common to find people saying they are stressed out, it’s common to find people feeling stuck in negative or fearful thought patterns. Worry is a common complaint of many – worry is fearful thinking. We know that altering our thought patterns deeply impacts the quality of our life. We know that gratitude thinking actually changes our brain chemistry, helping us to feel good! Learning how to direct our thinking can be common knowledge.

Wow, feeling power over our brain chemistry - that's exciting!

What we feel inside contains a powerhouse of personal insights and knowledge about humanity. Often we lack the skills to manage how we feel. We have not been taught well, if at all, how to use the power of emotion to identify important aspects of our unique self and help us to interact well with the world. Many people are walking around with a bundle of unexpressed and repressed emotion that clouds healthy, balanced thinking, leaving many feeling like a victim in their life. The way to utilize our feelings is first to feel them, then accept them, followed by expressing them in a healthy manner, and then understand how they teach us about humanity and our personal experience of it.

Wow, not feeling trapped by our feelings, burdened by them, or tired of them - that's fabulous!

We are naturally creative beings. Watching a child grow in a healthy environment, we see their interest in creating – making up stories, pretending to be someone else, playing teacher, doctor, pirate, mother or father. Some of that creative energy goes underground when children make their way through the “school system”. It isn’t gone, it’s just lost inside, maybe buried under a belief adopted along the way that “I’m not good enough, smart enough, or creative enough to make the grade.” This is sad - a true loss for the world. As an adult, we can decide to take responsibility in reconnecting with our creative nature, impassioning our life with this energy.

Wow, reconnecting with an internal source of energy that naturally improves our life - that's fantastic!

Be a part of making this knowledge, common knowledge. Embody it, live it and express it!