Laurel's Monday Message, 1-23-12

It's Monday! And I am here to remind you that you are creating your life moment-to-moment. Yes, you are creating the QUALITY of your life. Your life has a rhythm that is defined by your family, your friends, your work, your personal needs and your priorities - yes - your choices. You have created the rhythm and are making it what it is this day. Have you chosen consciously? Do you feel trapped in a pattern of life and feel stuck with choices that now seem ill-fitting? It's never - with a capital N - too late to make new choices. If the choices were big ones, start small. Little changes can be confidence builders, they can remind you that you are more powerful than you might remember in this moment. I hope my Monday video message inspires you to exercise your authentic inner power, causing you to pay attention to each little choice you make. Remember, you are the powerful creator of your life.