Laurel's Monday Message, 1-16-12

Happy Monday! Do you like Mondays? If not, how come? This feeling is certainly something to consider working with and transforming into a positive energy. Beginning the week with a feeling of resistance sets a tone that can trap us in a pattern of negativity - for the whole week! Taking steps to learn to enjoy and appreciate Mondays can be life enhancing. My Monday video message is a follow-up to last week. I continue the topic of developing a pattern of thinking about what you like and what is working in your life as a way of establishing habits that support building a life that you deeply desire. I also talk about why it is so essential to work with the mind - how the mind causes us to connect with what we bring into our lives in a material way. The power of the mind is incredible. Any bad habits can be changed with desire and persistence. Make this the year you become the master of your mind as your powerful tool of creation! Click here for today's message.