Your Navigation System, In Parts

Your inner navigation system can help direct you into a great life. In order to use your navigation system well, it is helpful to know the basics about it. Your inner navigation system can be thought of in four parts, the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual. Each part is consistently reflecting back to you the state of your being. When we become conscious of this truth, and pay good attention to it, we can make the most of the information that emerges. Here is a brief look at the four parts. The physical: Our body sends us messages about the condition of our physical being. Paying attention to the information that is emerging means we notice how we feel and give good care to our body. Preventative care means healthy living. Hopefully with healthy living we are prevented from needing medical care. But when we are ill, it is important to give good attention, to rest, and to nurture our body back into wellness. It may seem silly to say, but when we don't take care of ourselves well, the physical body reflects this. Even if not right away, it does eventually. Eating, exercising, and sleep are the three main areas to consider when looking at altering life habits. If you are getting signals that you need to create new habits, it is imperative to do this in order to manifest a life you deeply desire.

The emotional: I think of our emotional life as energy or fuel that helps drive our behavior. When the fuel is flowing, life flows. What I have found through my work and self-reflection is that old habits of stuffing or ignoring emotions creates blocks inwardly. These blocks manifest outwardly. The work becomes releasing old emotional content, and then becoming conscious of your emotional state and energy in a moment-to-moment way. As part of this consciousness, following the emotional information provided with right action means using our emotional navigation system to help us organize our lives beneficially. This comes with self-understanding, acceptance and then practice. Emotional information followed by right action means creating a pleasing life.

The mental: Our mental energy is a life force within us. We can rejoice in this. It can provide incredible experiences. Without an awareness that we CAN direct our thinking, we often feel trapped in the habitual ways of our mind - like worrying, ruminating over problems and fears, and negatively processing others. These are habits that have developed, usually unconsciously, through our conditioning. As an adult, it is a personal responsibility to change self-destructive patterns into new, enlivening and creative habits. But this is a responsibility that must be chosen by self. There are endless resources to be discovered when a person is ready to change habits!

The spiritual: Our personal connection with a higher power can be life-altering. Through direct experience of our spiritual nature, we open ourselves to a realm of experience that enriches our lives deeply. In order to develop a sense of spirit, to grow the spiritual aspects of life, finding time to be quiet seems essential. Through peace we consciously open the portals to this "other" world and experience. We must choose to seek this quality to our life. When we seek, we discover.

These four parts are all interconnected within us. Each aspect affects the others and the whole being. This is how I think of the term holistic, recognizing that each aspect of our being is integrated through our consciousness. As we develop this awareness through attention and intention, we discover the authentic power that lies within us. So - how is your navigation system working today? In what condition are the different parts of your system? Are they in working order? Do you know how to use them well? Self-assessment and honest reflection will let you know where you need to take steps for change.