Laurel's Monday Message, 1-9-12

What we do with our minds manifests in our outer life. It's difficult to make this connection until we begin to learn the skill of becoming the observer. When we become the observer we can literally watch as our mind rolls out its familiar ways it works. While observing, we can learn our automatic thought patterns, attachments we have to outcomes, expectations, the proportions of time we spend thinking positively and negatively, and a host of other useful information about SELF. It is amazing the discoveries to made by learning the skill of observer. The most powerful aspect of what I am sharing right now, is that as observer we gain intimate knowledge of our conscious process. We shift our locus of control. This means we shift into a state where we become ready to think differently, able to replace dysfunctional patterns, and willing to infuse our mind with beneficial new patterns. This is truly life-altering!

I hope this Monday message motivates you to start working on healthier patterns, today. Every small step we take is important, empowering ourselves with the needed skills to create a life we feel excited with - every day. Click here to listen to my message.