Learn How To Use Your Built-In Navigation System. It's 2012 - it's time!

This is my theme for 2012. After twenty-five years of in-depth self-reflection and healing, what I feel confident to say is that your inner world can guide you into a state of peace and joy. The mystery becomes how to move beyond any inner "mess" to discover that inner place of beauty. Finding this inner stillness means a new life - one that you dream about and wish for, but perhaps do not know how to cultivate. Here are my suggestions for heading toward the "good" life:

* Make space in your days to address whatever is troubling you in your life. As long as you accept the status quo, that's what you will continue to create. The moment you make a decision to feel better, the universe will begin to organize on your behalf. * Be willing to slog through some difficult times in order to move the mess out of the way. Until you really move the mess out, you'll just keep putting it in different places for it to pop up and undo what you are trying to achieve. * Get help! Join forces with others who want a truly content life. Find like-minded people who will encourage, support and challenge you to become who you feel you are deep inside. Let old friendships fade away if they are causing negativity and stress in your life - no one benefits from these kind of connections. * Expect to remain human, with all the ups and downs and truths about what it means to be an embodied soul.(Really - some of us think it's just going to become all sugar and spice) Being in human form means we will have human struggles and pains of growing into fullness. But we don't need to suffer to do this. That's the difference. * Stop watching so much television or any other screen activity that causes you to go numb to your consciousness. Stop watching things and listening to things that cause fear thinking. Stop focusing on fearful thoughts and ideas. What you give your attention to grows. Guard your mind with all your heart. Only you can make this change - and believe me - it is a powerful one!

When you read my postings this year, I want to inspire you to use your built-in navigation system efficiently and effectively. The messages that you are receiving moment-to-moment from your physical body, from your emotional state, from your mental process and from the intuitive/heartfelt space within (yes, the spiritual) are the energies that are critical to understand and then learn how to respond to. Any distress you experience is your inner being attempting to get your attention and listen to your inner wisdom - and then change your behavior in some vitally important way. I hope this is the year you listen and respond. The world is ready to support all that you desire when you lead with your inner center of stillness.