Making Good Use of the Next Year

Greetings Friends,Today, 12/21/11, we are a year away from 12/21/12, the day that the prophesies say will be a new beginning. Many have been focused on the ending aspect of this shift in our collective consciousness. Let's commit this day to focusing our minds on the truth that it will be a new beginning, a time when we more deeply understand humanity and our role here on Earth.

As I lay awake throughout the dawning hours this day, my mind rolled along with thoughts about how I will make the new year full of activity that is meaningful to me. My energy focuses on helping people connect with their heart wisdom. The mind is a wonderful resource when we have learned to utilize it well, because it is indeed one of the great resources we are gifted with as a human. Many continue to suffer though mind-based activities like worrying, mental catastrophe creating, and judging. As we continue with these activities, we continue to suffer. When we commit to change, training the mind to focus on gratitude, creative energy, and wondering, our entire being begins to shift into a new experience of life. The most effective way to personally shift into this new way of living is to reconnect with your heart.

Reconnecting with your heart in some respects is quite simple. There may be a period through which you will pass when it can be uncomfortable to make this powerful shift. During the time of shifting, we become more in touch with our emotional energy and must learn the skill of experiencing and directing this vital life energy towards healing and self-understanding. As we heal and come to understand ourselves more deeply, the natural next steps become about using our energy to serve and create in ways that impact the world in healthy and positive ways. Knowing how to do this arises organically from living through the heart.

As we wonder what we can do to find our life purpose, to live a "happy" and meaningful life, we must remember to begin with what is basic and truly under our control - our world within. The most basic step to take is to connect to your heart. Breathe into your heart. Heal any wounds that you carry in your heart - wounds that wait within you in the form of anger, hurt and loss. As you heal those wounds you will discover a new strength and purpose, this energy will surface spontaneously and you will feel like you are living a new life. You will indeed be a transformative force in the world, part of this new beginning where we live consciously and purposefully.

Happy New Year to all. I hope you choose to connect with the infinite energy that your heart holds. It's waiting for you.