This Week's Daily Meditation Sentence - Week #9

"I sail the sea of infinite energy and all is well." Would you like 3 months of free Life Coaching? Here is how you might have that opportunity. Beginning on September 19th, each week I posted a line of my morning meditation. In total it is ten lines long. Next week will be the last week in which I will post the last line of this wonderful meditation statement/prayer that I adapted from Helen Rhodes Wallace's, How To Enter The Silence. The first email I receive with the entire 10-sentence statement after the last line is posted next week belongs to the recipient of 3 months of free Life Coaching with me. It's that easy. Just send me an email with all ten lines next week and you have a chance for free Life Coaching.

If you are just learning about this opportunity today, it's simple to scroll through my blog and find the nine sentences posted so far. They are all clearly marked.

I look forward to working with someone through this experience. It's my way of giving a little, when many individuals are interested in making positive change in their lives. I love sharing the skills I have learned and developed over time. All you need to work with me is the desire to grow, and access to a telephone or computer with video capabilities. The rest we will figure out together. Looking forward to getting started in January!