You Can Calm Yourself

When we move more deeply into our being we discover a profound place of peace and light. Living in this culture, we often find ourselves faced with fear-based thinking and living. If you are not accustomed to "seeing" those aspects of the world this way, it's a powerful shift simply to start paying attention to the direct and indirect messages that strike fear in the heart. What I have learned in my own personal experience, and what I have seen through the work of dedicated clients, is that we have much more power than we may be aware of in how much anxiety and stress we experience. * If you experience chronic anxiety, no matter how much, you can do things to calm and soothe yourself. If you are accustomed to relying on medication alone to work with these feelings, you are missing great opportunity to improve the quality of your life. As our mental health knowledge has grown, we know that developing habits of self-soothing is one of the most effective approaches to dealing with anxiety. Examples of self-soothing are: calming and perspective altering self-talk, deep breathing, regular time-out for relaxing, regular practice of yoga, Tai Chi, and/or meditation.

* When you are experiencing anxiety it is important to empower yourself with tools to self-calm. This process of gaining skill inherently alters the anxiety because one feels more in control rather than being controlled by feelings.

* Self-acceptance, acceptance of life and acceptance of others can be considered as areas for deep exploration. When we feel fully accepting and at peace with what is, anxiety is naturally eliminated. This is a personal journey open to anyone who feels they suffer with chronic anxiety.

* Learning everything you can, education about the chemistry of anxiety, about how we as humans experience anxiety and what causes this inner condition, learning about fear and the philosophy about innate fears we bear simply by our humanity - these are areas worth spending time reading and learning. One of the most powerful tools for feeling more confident and strong is knowledge and understanding. It breeds compassion.

You can calm yourself. You may not know how, but that does not mean that it isn't possible. We all deserve to feel safe and at ease inside. There is much we can do. Only you can give yourself the gift of spending quality time investing in creating a life that feels good, moment-to-moment.

Here are examples of mantras, or lines to repeat, for directing the mind to calm itself. Try saying them again and again, slowly, connect the words with an increasingly deeper breathing pattern. Spend at least a couple of minutes and lengthen the time as you become more skilled with the process.

Slow down. let go. This anxiety (or whatever word fits) is a feeling and I am more than my feelings. I breathe in calm and breathe out fear. I fill myself with love and peace as I focus on my heart. I find calm and quiet when I direct my attention there.