This Week's Daily Meditation Sentence - Week #7

There is only the infinite and its manifestations of joy, wholeness, harmony, peace, efficiency and prosperity; all else is unreality is the next line adapted form Helen Rhodes Wallace's, How to Enter the Silence.

Have you ever considered joy, peace, harmony, efficiency, wholeness and prosperity as the only lasting realities of life? This is a powerful statement to consider. What if you decided to tell yourself that anger, selfishness, greed, sadness, loneliness and bitterness, for examples, were all an unreality - a manufacturing of your ego that can not last without you personally promoting and creating those conditions? What if these were simply emotions or states that were meant to guide us into the realities of - joy, peace, harmony, efficiency, wholeness and prosperity? Well, this is a powerful and life-altering perception to choose.

I am enjoying playing with this perception right now. Whenever I have difficult emotions arise, I stay still with them, and begin to question their source. My powerful shift has led me to see how often it is me that creates this inner condition, that with effort and consistent attention, I discover how it is an unreality, simply a passing condition that teaches me important information about who I am beyond my transient fears and hurts.

This week's statement takes us into a big leap of wonder about who we really are and what our deepest source of wisdom and power is, what we can do with this source of loving kindness and passionate desire for integrity. It will challenge you to look at how you take responsibility for every aspect of your life, consider your conditions and how you want to contribute to them, specifically. It certainly is a statement to hold up, to experiment with and to use for individual growth!