This Week's Daily Meditation Sentence #4

"Divine wisdom governs me, no other presence, no other power." This is the fourth line adapted from Helen Rhodes Wallace's, How to Enter the Silence. Last week I began my YouTube video channel. I posted a two-part interview with artist, Dustin Neece discussing meditation and its benefits. I invite you to take a look. It is meant to encourage you to find time in your daily routine to get in touch with your inner stillness. Powerful life enhancement and awareness comes through us when we tune into this aspect of our life. Dustin and I will be recording another interview focusing on what happens as we take time to bring the unconscious into our conscious awareness through the practice of sitting quietly, consistently. Look for it on my channel in the next couple of weeks.

For now, remember to take some deep, conscious breaths as often as possible and tune in to the relief that comes just through a few relaxed breaths!