This Week's Daily Meditation Sentence #3

"There is one intelligence active in my affairs, leading me in the ways of truth and wisdom." Here is the third line of the daily meditation adapted from Helen Rhodes Wallace's, How to Enter the Silence.

For those of you who have worked with me, or know me well, it is clear that I am a proponent of meditation. Because of the personal benefits that I have experienced, as well as the constant flow of new information and research that endorses the long list of enhancements to health that meditation provides, it is one of my basic lessons to all - learn to still your inner world and what you will discover has endless possibilities. As long as we are stuck in a constant stream of inner noise or unrest, we will be heading towards imbalance. Any imbalance, if left too long unchecked, can lead to illness. Therefore, our attempts at developing inner calm are reflected in our daily experience of our health.

My blog this week is inspired by two of my personal heroines. It focuses on this important health subject. I'll be posting in the next few days.