More on Practical Spirituality

Practical spirituality. The practice of acknowledging spirit. There are great benefits to the practice. My own quest to discover that which is beyond the form of me that sits in this chair today, typing at this keyboard, transmitting my thoughts and sensations out into cyberspace, has been enlightening, empowering, transforming. I promote practical spirituality because it alters our day-to-day experience, it improves and enhances, it expands and heals. Here is a sampling. * When we come to believe through direct experience that there is a force, an energy, an intelligence that is beyond what we can imagine, our relatively small life is put into new perspective. We trust there exists a plan of sorts beyond our mental comprehension. We paradoxically take new responsibility for our actions, and release responsibility for trying to control the outcome of everything in which we engage. This is practical because it lets us feel empowered through owning our actions fully, and relieves the burden of needing to control. Not having to know all the answers is a big sigh of relief :)

* As we have glimpses of the mystical in life, the glowing energy that can infuse us when we give it proper attention, we relax into life in a new way, developing a trust in outcomes for the good of all, even if it seems to inconvenience us. This is practical in that it relieves daily anxiety and stress.

* As we develop a routine of connecting with the Divine Energy that is available and awaits our attention, we feel infused with a renewable and endless energy that cleanses and enlightens our being. This is practical in that we literally feel more energetic and motivated to deal with our daily life experiences.

* When we find the place within (and we all have it) that is peaceful and calm, we develop a newfound freedom and detachment to the stresses and strains that we encounter. This is practical because it means we recognize that life stressors are temporary in relation to the steady calm place that we can return to within - at any time.

* As we develop a practice of connecting to that which seems beyond the physical, we expand our sense of self, glimpsing the essence of infinity, of the inter-relatedness of all things and the energy that transmits all. This is practical because we no longer feel alone, but rather seek to understand the uniqueness of the self we exist within.

The above ideas express just a few benefits to investing time in turning toward our inner life, to finding a stillness within. In the discovery of that inner place, we may travel through some difficult experiences before reaching that pure energy that resides within. Our old beliefs and stories are often a barrier between this inner place and our mind that has the capacity to acknowledge this inner peace. Our willingness to courageously face any old beliefs and stories about who we have been conditioned to believe we are, is rewarded with the gift of limitless inner discovery and peace... when we commit to the practice of turning inward.