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Manifest. Actualize. Realize. How do we bring dreams and desires into reality? Through believing, through thought in alignment with belief and action that follows this thought. What gets in the way of manifesting your dreams and desires? Time to find out. My give away for 3 months of free Life Coaching starts in January. In order to manifest this opportunity, this is what it will take. Check in weekly with my blog or my Facebook page. If you are reading this blog posting at my WordPress blog site, subscribe by scrolling down the right column and entering your email address. You will be emailed the posting weekly. If you are a Facebook user, follow my Facebook page by clicking "Like" with the thumb's up and you will get the info in your news feed. Every week look for the posting marked, "This week's daily meditation sentence". The sentence will posted both at my blog and on Facebook. Starting next week, one sentence will be posted each week till the first week in December. Keep track of all 10 sentences. Send me an email after the last posting with all 10 sentences of the Daily Meditation. The first email I receive containing all 10 sentences belongs to the individual that will manifest free weekly Life Coaching from January through March 2012.

Why might you want free Life Coaching? Ask yourself the following questions. If you answer yes to any of them, it's a great reason to invest in yourself through Life Coaching.

* Anything you want to change in your life? * Feeling stuck in any way? * Feeling unhappy, or discontent? * Having relationship trouble? * Disappointed with life, with others, with work? * Want to change your life course in some way, but don't know how to begin?

We manifest from the inside out. Therefore, whatever you deeply desire is possible. If it's not happening for you, maybe it's time to get some support in looking at what is stopping you, at what is getting in the way of what you want and then moving it out of the way. I am here to help.