Free Life Coaching Opportunity

Would you like to experience three months of Life Coaching for free? You have a chance to do this beginning in January 2012. I am offering an opportunity for someone to experience weekly Life Coaching with me for three months by paying attention to my Facebook page - . You must keep track of the message that I am unfolding to you over the course of 10 weeks, from early October through December. The message I will be offering during the course of this ten-week period contains the essence of my daily statement that I make during my morning meditation /opening time. Spending time on inner reflection each morning creates a template for my day, focusing me to remain connected with my inner wisdom and reminding me that I am a part of a greater universal experience, in which I choose to make my part a positive and healthy presence in the world. For anyone who wants to work towards greater self-awareness, more inner peace and a more harmonious life, I invite you to use my statement each day for cultivating these qualities in your life.

Whether you choose to use the statement or not is up to you. If you desire a 90-day period of weekly Life Coaching with me, or know someone who would, here is how you can manifest this opportunity. Each week beginning October 3rd, I will post one sentence of my morning statement on my Facebook page. It will be marked, “This week’s daily meditation sentence”. After 10 weeks the whole statement will be posted, one sentence each week. After the last statement is posted the week of December 3rd, you must email me the entire passage, all ten statements. The first email I receive, with the entire passage in it, belongs to the person who will receive 3 months of free Life Coaching. I will notify that individual immediately that we will be working together for three months – January till March 2012. What a great way to start the New Year!

Next week I’ll give more details about this opportunity to experience Life Coaching for three months. The 10-weeks of sharing begins in only 2 weeks!

How I use my morning statement:

My goals of striving toward greater self-awareness, more inner peace and a more harmonious life have been achieved through investing time daily using this statement and turning inward. I enjoy bountiful creative energy because I remain disciplined in my daily practice. My suggestion on how to incorporate this statement into your daily life flows from my own personal experience. You are free to use the statement however it resonates best for you. You are free to alter it in any way to strengthen its impact in your life. I would encourage you to consider repeating the statement every morning, adding each line as it is shared, slowly lengthening the time you are spending focused on the statement and your inner world. As you repeat the words and memorize them, they strengthen the experience.

Every morning I spend 30-60 minutes connecting to my inner world and moving into a sense of experiencing the flow of universal energy. (It does not take 30 minutes to make the statement. The statement is a few moments of the time I spend reflecting inwardly.) My morning statement comes from a book that I read by Helen Rhodes Wallace entitled, How To Enter The Silence. This author greatly impacted my inner opening and sense of connection to the Divine. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in broadening his or her own foundation of knowledge that relates the scientific and the spiritual.

My hope is that everyone who participates will feel like they received something special. The passage that I will be sharing over the 10-week period is a powerful statement of faith and passion, allowing anyone who makes the statement daily, believing their own words, to open to greater self-awareness, more inner peace and a more harmonious life. There are powerful tools to use when we are in the flow of co-creating with the universe and this is one of them!