My Book

I am writing books. Yes, books. My first book is sitting and waiting. When I began it, I didn't know that I was writing it as a book, nor did I have any inkling that I would eventually want to become a published writer. But that has happened and the journey to here has been an exciting adventure for me. I still have a way to go, but I am inspired by and in awe of the interesting events that have already conspired to get me to this place. My second book, the one that I am seeking publishing for, is about New Life Technology, my method of creating the life we deeply desire. The following tells a little about this life technology and can also be found on my website that I recently launched, New Life Technology

New Life Technology is my method of working with individuals to guide them inward to create the life they desire. My past twenty-four years has been a quest to heal, to more deeply understand the healing process and to learn and master skills of helping others to heal. Through studying numerous healing modalities and spiritual practices as well as becoming trained in the Western tradition of counseling psychology, my helping process is a unique method embodying and reflecting holistic practices. To sum up what my belief is: Beyond any of our troubles waits new life. We are creative, self-healing and inspirational beings that are coming to deeply understand the power we hold within. It is this authentic inner power to create and heal that ignites the life of our choosing. As we move beyond our inner difficulties, summoning the courage to look deeply within and find the life that awaits us, with passion and new energy we inspire the world with our unique abilities.

Some of the principles of New Life Technology include:

* We forever find new life. With a creative and resourceful spirit we seek what is interesting and exciting to us, knowing our search opens new doors all the time. * We accept that change is constant. Living this truth, we come to understand the birth/death cycle readily, eliminating our fear of death and appreciating this temporary life. * We know that we are all connected therefore everything each of us does is essentially important. This knowledge brings us into a place of honor and respect for all humanity, choosing curiosity over adversity. * The world around us mirrors the world within us. In taking responsibility for our quality of life, we come to acknowledge our authentic inner power and it's impact on the world. * All obstacles arise for growth. As we realize our inner strength, we see how any obstacles that exist represent our higher attunement to the desire for growth. * Our conditioning shapes us: conscious, self-directed conditioning is our source of power. As we consciously release our self-limiting conditioning, we empower ourselves to create new environments and habits that benefit the greater good.

I become more and more aware as each day passes that we are the co-creators of our lives. We hold more power than we might know over how our lives unfold and how we impact the greater good. Watching others wake up to their individual journey is an honor and a privilege. I love to be a part of helping others find their passion and inner contentment. And I love finding mine!