Vacation Perfection

Awakening the first morning at the lakeHaving slept the deep slumber provided by sea air Remembering destination achieved, ah, doze more Arise, grateful to acknowledge the rare, good rest

Moving slowly to the deck overlooking the lake Morning meditation to the rolling surf Gentle breath and movement awakens me fully Invigorates my being, prepares me to take in the day

Prayer moves me into teary fullness My daily practice a gift never to be overlooked Here at the lake, at home in my sunroom I am everywhere and nowhere, this is the treasure

Walking and biking along the lovely bluff road My body happy to move after days of travel Gazing at the beauty of the surroundings My grateful being drinks in what I adore, nature

Relaxing by the pool, reading about love My books remind me of who I am, deep within “Loneliness and Love”, “French Lessons” My mind pleased by the vignettes and by the wisdom

Sensuality of skin calls my attention Alternately the warmth of the sun, the breeze and the clouds Refreshing me in every way, remind me of natures delight Lulling me into trance, nothing and everything matter

Sitting at the sprawling lawn Picnic of cheese, bread, olives, wine, fruit Yet again enjoying heavens pleasure on earth Thank you for the bounty and the sustenance

Floating on the pool, a raft holds me secure Is the water cool, is it warm The temperature is ideal How did they know what would please, no matter

Lakes waves are crashing right before me Different than the ocean, without the tide Just like the ocean’s power, a hypnotic cleansing The energy washes through me and moves me to create

The breeze blows and my mind spins out the experience More of the day to unfold, no mystery here More beauty, more pleasure, more quiet joy Stored in my heart to be remembered at will