An Update on Heading Towards

Early this year I blogged about my goal of daily physical exercise. After many years of inconsistent energy and well-being, I found myself more stable once again. Tentatively, I committed to this exercise routine because I didn't want to fail if my energy and strength faltered yet again. But it has not and I find myself feeling successful and strong. One of my recent blog postings was about my hardest thing. I wrote about my hardest thing as another way of committing to making that hard thing happen, taking the steps towards something I want. This is an update in my movement towards creating the quality of life I desire. What is profoundly clear to me as I write this follow-up is that consistency is critical, as is doing if we are going to realize our goals. My daily exercise has become routine. I don't always feel like doing it but as I mentioned, I just put it into my day like the other self-care necessities (not optional - necessary) like eating and showering. Because I have done this I am enjoying the results of feeling fit and strong. I have lost weight and do fit into those pants hanging in my closet, saved from years ago. My waist is visible and I feel more energetic than I have in many years. It has been the consistency of my actions daily, weekly and monthly that have added up to realizing what I so desired - I feel like myself again. The changes did not happen right away. Early on I remember thinking that my weight or my waist line or my strength would not change, would not return. Patience was a real asset at that point, and faith in the process. The changes happened as my body realized that this was a way of life again, my metabolism eventually responding to the ongoing challenge that I presented to it. If I back off for a few days because of schedule or life "stuff", I can feel the difference, the sluggish feeling coming back a bit, the expanding waist seems to happen immediately. My interest in food increases and my inclination to sit elevates. All those little shifts add up quickly and I could find myself in a backward slide.

As I observe and consider this whole process, I am more vividly aware of how keeping a vision of what is desired is so critical. As I continue heading towards the bigger life goals that I have established, like getting my writing published, I can see how my little inner desires were in conflict with taking some of the consistent critical steps towards the larger goal. Making action on behalf of what we truly want a priority, as well as consistency in taking action, are essential to realizing our dreams. As we flush out other inner desires that conflict with or get in the way of the goal, we are able to address them, reconcile a shift in priorities (or not) and forge onward. We achieve what we are living in our inner world, whether or not we are conscious of what is in there.

Here is an example. Whether I am aware of it or not, if I find more comfort in eating than I do in feeling fit and strong, automatically my actions will take me in that direction. My desire for feeling "strong and healthy" instead of the immediate comfort of food, combined with my inner vision of how I want to "be and feel" in the world, must be summoned each time I am challenged by the need for comfort. As this conflict between wanting comfort and achieving my goal is addressed, digging deeper about how food is a comfort must be looked at and it's power taken away so that the pattern is dismantled. Other comforts and needs that linger below that quick fix of comfort must be unveiled. Then they may be fulfilled in a true manner, no longer substituting food as a comfort for something else that would truly fulfill in a lasting way.

Taking steps in doing my hardest thing has been an empowering experience as well. As I take action, it is as if the universe supports me and readily opens doors to the connections I seek. All action, no matter how small, seems to be rewarded with more momentum and enthusiasm for the task at hand. The consistency of action proving to me the power of putting my action behind my deep desire, fueling me onward into the quality of life I hold in my inner vision. My journey into my vision continues, the steps towards it an enlightening and fulfilling process making each today a pleasure to live. As I consciously make my choices moment-to-moment, life is an exciting adventure!