Being Still

When I sit in stillness my entire being is renewed. Everyone I know who is able to cultivate inner stillness, or connect with it, seems to feel the same. The elusive aspect can be our ability to connect with our inner stillness. Even the most anxious of us has a still point within. If you are reading this and doubting that indeed you have a still place within, I can only urge you to develop a faithful mindset that it is there. The way to prove it to yourself is to continue practicing until you get there. As we practice, what happens is that we sit still, and then our natural inclinations take over. We become restless, so we have to learn to quiet the physical desire to move. This takes some practice. Remembering that the urge will come and letting the urge pass seems to be the best approach to take. My body will develop an itchy nose in its attempt to get me to move. I usually do move, but I do it slowly and mindfully, feeling it all fully as I notice the itch, slowly move to scratch lightly, feel the change in my skin sensation, slowly move back to where my hand was. Ah - itch removed. Wait, it will come again. Maybe next time I let it pass. Eventually the body quiets. Practice helps.

The next natural inclination that comes is some mental activity. Our minds start spinning out some story, some agenda that must be immediately addressed, some plans that need to be made, some conversation reviewed. It will always be something. This is the part to remember as we practice, it will always be something with the mind. This is the energy of our minds, the mind likes to talk. Like an incessant child - talk, talk, talk. Eventually the mind quiets. Practice helps. With persistent practice we can eventually learn to direct the mind towards the thing that will keep its attention and move it more deeply inward, towards the still point. Perhaps a mantra or a prayer, words that connect us to the mission we are on that will guide us. They must be carefully chosen to lead us into success with connecting to the stillness within.

Another inclination will be that emotional content emerges. It can come with or without the mental story attached or involved. But the mental story or chatter can stimulate more emotional content, therefore it is important to learn to quiet the mind. But the energy of lingering unexpressed emotion often surfaces as we head towards the stillness within. My belief is that the speediest way to work through emotional content is to express it as readily as possible. And it may be that we will need some loving attention with the emotional release process. We may have hurts, anger and fears that require support to express and then rebalance ourselves internally by coming to a new understanding and acceptance within. Only we can give ourselves the space to process emotional content that needs to be expressed. With adequate attention and healthy life boundaries, we can relieve ourselves of emotional energy that gets in the way of connecting inwardly. Eventually the emotions quiet. Practice helps.

What we learn as we perfect the practice of connecting to stillness is that we are indeed physical, emotional, mental and spiritual beings. This is the usual order because this is usually the hierarchy that we travel to claim that we are indeed spiritual. We must recognize the physical and calm this aspect. We must sense the emotional and find peacefulness there. We must acknowledge the mental and then direct it at our will. Mental direction in alignment with our will is an interesting process to cultivate. Watching how our minds automatically head in particular directions, learning the language of how our minds can create emotional content that is not necessarily to our benefit is one of the greatest self-awarenesses we can cultivate. We empower ourselves to the utmost when we can practice directing our minds towards that which is creative and healing for ourselves and everyone with whom we come in contact. We all hold this power within. Unfortunately we may not be exercising our power this way. But we can.

And as we travel the hierarchy, calming the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of our humanness, we open the doorway to our stillness within. It is there we find that high energy that renews and speaks in a new way to us. Here is the stillness that washes us clean by our connection with it. This is the stillness that reminds us that we are more than our physical form. Here we indeed sense we are much, much more. And this more is the mystery of spirit. Our spirit sense is our own unique mystery to be unpuzzled. The stillness within reminds us we have another journey that we are here for. This journey is not about making money, about finding our soul mate or about building a house to live in. It's about why we are a body, what are we doing here and how all these complex questions make sense to us as we seek our own individual answers.

My answers are within, connected to my still point. As I sit quietly I am renewed and motivated to continue my quest, knowing it is mine alone to make.