In Celebration

In celebration of lifeI thank you dear Aunt Great aunt is what you were

Great not just in title But in demeanor and attitude Oh yes, indeed

Always, I will see your smile Twinkling eyes in my mind's eye You, lover of fun and joy, of love

What else is there to teach Or to learn that could be more essential Than loving fun - joy - love

101 years you lived And more 101 years you loved

Mother’s aunt Carrier of the feminine Role model of woman

Flirt that you were We played cards together And I learned about living

Utterly female It was that tell-all smile That spoke so little

The ocean wind blows Tides in and out You will be remembered

Salt air Breezes holding life I feel your contentment

Thank you dear Aunt Great aunt Woman of our women


In memory of Aunt Harriet, who will be thought of with love in the many years to come