Dreaming in the Night

It is three in the morning. Yes I am awake in the wee hours of the day, darkness is all around and my mind has been busy with my work and endless possibilities. This is interrupting my precious sleep but tonight (or today) I am not particularly bothered by the situation as I usually would be. Instead I am allowing all the thoughts and ideas and musings to wash over me, watching them cascade through my mind and awaken whatever it is awakening in me. I see that when my mind is not clouded with fears and worries about the mundane in life (like - how I will I get this book proposal finished), about the current state of affairs in my relationships (like - is so and so okay with what I said to her today) or preoccupied with the details of my daily existence (like - what is my schedule for tomorrow), my mind turns to dreams about the bigger picture of life. My deeper inner desires to manifest something "good" emerge and my mind goes on a journey about what that "good" might be.

This is my version of "dreaming the world into being" right now. In the spiritual world this is a term that refers to the act of conscious creation. When we dream the world into being we use the mind to summon up visions of what a beautiful and healed world might by like. Our unique mind will summon up wonderful possibilities and lovely visions when it is allowed and encouraged to do so. It is easier to engage in this activity when we move the other "stuff" that our minds like to be preoccupied with out of the way. And let's face it, the mind is a like a run away train when it has worries and fears to feed on, no matter the size and scope of these concerns. One of the aspects of dreaming the world is to be able to consciously shape how we use our mental power.

I have written, and will continue to write about how to shape our mental power, but that is not the focus of this writing this morning. In a nut shell, when we make it a priority, we start learning and practicing the skills of fine-tuning the use of our minds in beneficial ways. This is ultimately about developing healthy habits in directing our thinking and resolving inner issues that consume this vital and precious creative power that exists within us. Our mental power is great and a resource that we are only beginning to understand. How exciting a journey to explore the possibilities that exist here in the land of the mind!

So tonight, in the darkness, I allow my mind to play with ideas of creation. I do not refute the ideas as silly or unrealistic. The idea is that they are unrealistic! Right - they are not yet here in form - in this reality we call "life" right now. They exist only in my mind tonight as possibilities of what could happen, what might happen. When action and resources are added to the ideas and possibility thinking they manifest in the material world as something for more than just me to experience in some way. When we look around at what man (woman) has created, we realize that each thing was once an idea, a dream or a thought in someone's mind first. The mind was pressed or impressed by an idea and the movement within brought about the chain of events to bring that idea into the world. Dreaming the world into being.

The ability to dream a beautiful world into being lies within each of us. We may not think we are in touch with this inner power, this inner resource but we certainly can be. We can be when we awaken in the night and look around and see the "little" world we live in is a world of our creation. With this awakening we begin to notice how we are shaping our day-to-day world though our mental process. Then we begin to consciously choose what we want our world to be like and our life starts altering and shaping into the reflection of that inner vision. This is dreaming the world into being. So dream on and let your conscious dreaming guide you to take action in this day on your behalf, and the world's behalf, as you participate in dreaming your world into the life you really want.