Deep acceptance

When we are not in touch with the fullness of what is, we move ourselves from our point of accessing our true power. Any resistance or denial of what truly is, in its totality, limits our ability to connect with our infinite wisdom. One of the tasks of becoming a healthy functioning adult, one with intuitive capacities, lies in our capacity to rest in what is, fully. It is from this point of rest, that we summon the energy for change, evolution, for growth. Many times when I work with individuals, I hear from them that they do not “like” something. Or I hear, but I don’t want to have to deal with That, I am tired of It. Or, I am just sick of thinking about this, and nothing ever changes anyway. Because often they are waiting for someone else to do the changing since they are doing the thinking, the talking (complaining?), and maybe the hoping for change. Unfortunately, talking, thinking and hoping do not always add up to change: often thinking and talking must be followed up with some other action or behavior change.

Denial is a psychological mechanism that comes from our mind perceiving our situation as unsafe and in need of assistance for survival. Our mind simply blocks out the information as if it were not there in order to keep us in working order mentally, and for a time, emotionally. In it’s extreme form we have no memory of what happened. In it’s more moderated form, the one that is essential to work with, we seem to see through a lens of that which we choose to see. If you have developed this habit, but perhaps have a difficult time with awareness of it, it is helpful to listen to someone else about their perception of a situation to perhaps get a fuller picture of all that is happening.

As we look more deeply at an issue before us, our power to elicit the change we seek comes hand in hand with our ability to sit in deep acceptance of this issue. I like to think of traveling down to the roots with it. Because down there, deep at the roots of it, we will find the story, the potting medium so to speak, that grew whatever we are looking at on top. And as we listen to that potting story, we can see what stemmed from that, what inner beliefs we adopted that come from the rooting where it happened. And then when the story is told, when we reap what can be harvested from that potting process, it is time to lift our roots and begin to gently set them down in a place of our choosing, and tend to them with the energy we now gather and give from the life we are living in this day.

In this process of reaching deep acceptance, we often find that emotions emerge as we sink into the roots of what we are looking at. We cannot run from or resist these emotions if we are to fully empower ourselves. Any backing away from or disallowing of emotion during this process of reaching full acceptance means stopping short of the depth of where we must go in order to reach that power and potential. Any grieving, anger, and pain from feeling hurt must be tolerated and accepted, given its time and attention, so that we may be freed from these blockages to our authentic strength deep within us, perhaps buried beneath the roots of where we are sitting.

This practice is not for the faint of heart, it is for those with the courage and conviction to grasp life in its entirety, to develop the belief that they can stand up to whatever lies within them, that they can develop the skills to create the life of their choosing. Because these two realities do go together, the life that we create today comes from what lies within us. As we create from what is within, this is what is reflected in the outer world.