Unique Voices

As I sat in meditation this morning, suddenly a persistent bird caught my attention. It sang its song over and over again, loudly and clearly. I enjoyed its little call and felt like the bird was singing only to me. As I allowed it to become a background sound, the other birds’ calls came into my awareness, each one with its different call, its unique sound. Our voice is a place of power. We create through our words. If I could say one thing to someone as my deepest advice, it would be, “listen to what you are saying”. This is because, in fact, our voices reflect us, more than we might care to know. The content of our conversation, the intent behind our words, the message we are attempting to offer, all are important reflections of us. We can learn an awful lot about ourselves by listening to our words.

What are the words you use frequently? What do you often start conversations about? What tones of voice are common for you? How do you speak about others, and more importantly, about yourself? What are you reinforcing about yourself through your words? What is your intention when you open your mouth to speak? Do you know your intention, both directly and indirectly? Will you push beyond the obvious message that you are giving, or question that you are asking, looking a bit more deeply into your words? What is it you really want from the words you are uttering? What in fact, are you creating today with your words?

Do you ask questions? Are you still curious about life and others? Can you bring a beginners mind into your conversations, especially the ones that feel rote? Beginners mind is approaching anything as if it were new, imagining seeing it for the first time. We are encouraged to cultivate this quality in meditation practice. Instead of thinking we “know” what there is for us in a certain situation, circumstance or relationship, we adopt a beginners mind, seeing life and others with inquisitive, fresh eyes, emptying of preconceived ideas and notions, opening to new possibilities, learning and understandings. This is a powerful posture to take in almost any life instance.

As I continue my personal quest for becoming harmonious and clear with my words, my desire is that my words reflect my deeper inner world. Let them not become caught in any dance of ego or lack of awareness, doing a disservice to others as well as myself. Rather I wish for my words to carry a positive message, using words that challenge and call to us all to become our highest selves, filled with inner integrity and passion for life. Today I co-create my reality with my words by becoming conscious of their power to make my life fulfilling or to deteriorate my experience of my day. I will be careful and conscientious today to use my unique voice for the good of all, especially me.