On Manifesting Desires

People say to write about what you know. I love to write about what is in my heart, knowing that my words will be true and powerful if in fact they reveal what is within my heart. Right now what resides in my heart is the sense of synthesizing my past and present into the powerful now, igniting my deepest desires. I did not wake up here this week, but rather have been working towards this fulfilling now both consciously and unconsciously for nearly twenty years. The beginning happened when I became dedicated to my inner truth. This passage encapsulates my critical steps in getting here, the place of living a life I once only dreamt about. • Looked at life honestly, accepting all that I created, even unconsciously • Processed, healed and released my past in order to fully engage in my current life freely, unencumbered by old unhealthy, self-limiting patterns • Created a support circle that encouraged, validated and honestly reflected to me what they saw me doing, heard me saying and how I seemed • Took time to sit with myself, spent time alone sitting in stillness to learn to hear my inner voice and wisdom clearly, to distinguish it from the other voices that emptily chatter and cause fear internally • Learned to acknowledge and to state what I like and want in life • Let go of the need to control outcomes and instead learned to speak my truth and encourage others to do the same • Accepted the reality of what is, whether I “like” it or not • Developed discipline to act in accordance with what I say I want, i.e. because I want to feel peaceful, I spend time meditating and praying, knowing the inner calm place which is accessible to me at any moment • Allowed myself to follow my sense of passion, what my heart calls me to do • Continue to learn and grow, finding new things to be excited about and involved in, keeping my attitude positive and my life meaningful

The list may seem daunting, but the results of the process as you move through change are always worth the investment. As we see our life becoming a clearer reflection of who we really are, the motivation to continue can elicit more energy for continuing the journey until we truly feel fulfilled. If you are just beginning to feel the need to make changes in your life or are dissatisfied with the state of your circumstances, jump into any one of these activities and begin your own journey of manifesting your desires. Everyone I know who has taken the leap has only been glad they did. It takes courage and we all have that. It’s a universal human quality. Call on yours to get you moving.