Just Do It!

Isn’t this a motto? Yes, because it is a truth about making things happen. We need to just do it. I am learning about myself as I challenge myself to walk in uncharted territory for me. I am stepping out of my comfort zone. Some one dear to me is kindly reflecting back to me what they see. And they see someone who is not quick to just do it! all the time. I know this is true because of my history of fear of confrontation, fear of rejection - nothing unusual or out of the norm for many of us with a history of people pleasing. What I am practicing is taking steps that are uncomfortable in order to change my comfort zone.

Challenging myself to take steps towards my dreams and goals means I am trying some new things like contacting people I do not know directly and working on new types of projects that support my dream. In doing this, sometimes I am a bit slower or more careful in taking certain actions. That is part of my character. I tend to be more careful and thoughtful, not quick to act. I like to line my ducks up in a row so to speak. And sometimes timing can be everything. So I attempt to be careful with timing. But there will be no timing if we don’t eventually just do it!

What I do know, is that if your dream and vision is truly heartfelt, and in line with who you really are, you must take the steps to realize these dreams. Your dreams and visions will create a more fulfilling world for all of us to live in as you feel fulfilled. Remember to take time to sit quietly with yourself and listen for your heartfelt calling.

Are you taking steps to realize your dreams and visions? Are you pushing outside your comfort zone in order to expand what might be comfortable for you now as you grow and learn more about life? Are you finding the support you need to make things happen and keep your spirits up as you challenge yourself? I hope you are. I am.