A New Year Behind and Ahead

It is a new year and I am looking out over “heaps” of blank days to be written upon. I love this new term that my dearest of friends used with me. She wrote, “ a grand new heap of days to live in fully”. I can hear her saying those words to me even though she wrote them in a lovely thank you card. But as I read them I heard her voice and saw her smile, heard the giggle that would accompany any delicious phrase like this. Dear friends are such a treasure. The older I become, the wiser I am. I know this because I wisely cherish, and appreciate, so very deeply, these relationships that give me such joy. What will the story of the year ahead tell about me and about my life? It is a mystery yet to be discovered, and I am reveling in the mystery of what it may be. I am learning to more consciously create the life I so choose, because I Am creating it, whether I want to know this or not. Since my acclimation in my new home, my new marriage, my new state I have settled into the “old me” that feels strong and centered and at ease with myself and with the world. My transition completed itself after the year of firsts had ended, and now I find myself fully engaged in a new beginning of my choosing.

My experiment is to project myself one year out from now and look back upon the year ahead. Projecting a year out and then looking back; this is an interesting experiment because it causes us to look back as if the events to come have already passed. This is a way to state our wants as something that already exists, just as one does in prayer. In projecting myself forward into the future, I then let the future draw me towards it. I invite what is necessary for these events to transpire in my world. I call on the elements that are necessary to organize in my life to cause what I so desire to materialize. I do not need to have an exact plan about how to get “there”. “There” will form, just as it will, because I intend for it to do so. In this theory and experiment, I can feel the satisfaction of having accomplished what I wanted to, I can feel the excitement of having what I am imagining in my life right now, and I can feel the pleasure of my life as I experience what I know is possible. These feelings infuse me with the energy to continue my journey, taking steps towards this future and these particular desires.

One thing that I have learned over the years of working towards my goals is not to get too caught up in the details, especially with longer term goals. My experience has shown me that there are too many variables that we may not be aware of that can cause our plans to materialize in ways we might never have been able to imagine – better than we might ever have been able to come up with from our limited perspective. So when goal-setting and working with dreaming about my desires, I do not get caught up in the specifics too readily. What I want to do is simply imagine what it is I want, deep in my heart, and then start taking the steps towards it. Perhaps in the heading towards it, I may be derailed to another dream or exciting adventure. This might be the outcome of the original dream, but one I might never have been able to dream up without the derailment input.

So here I am, taking my steps towards that future that will pull me forward into the materialization of my deepest desires. Let’s see what happens!