When in doubt, walk the path of love

Today I thought of this phrase as I was performing qigong exercises and my eyes caught sight of the heron flying up and away from the lake in our backyard. I thanked the power of the universe for letting me know I am on the right track. Heron symbolize our ability to walk in the depths of emotion, navigate dry periods and soar through the air with spirit. These birds will not get stuck in the muck with those long legs and strong wide wings. They are able to walk around in the muddy shores at the edge of a body of water, searching for the food that nourishes them. Rarely do we see them out on the dryness of land, but rather they prefer to be close to the edge, the place of great offerings. So today I will stand on the shores of my own inner lake, the mirror of my soul, and I will go deep within and walk about, knowing there is vital essence in this soft moist earth even though I may not be able to see this. My day-to-day life provides me with just the right food that I need to open my essence up wider and stronger. I may feel this widening and, with a deeper knowing, connect with what is important there for me. I will not be afraid of what I discover because I can always close my eyes and allow the wings of my heart to lift me up and out and back into the sky. It is here that I connect with the elements of spirit that remind me that I am more than just a bird on the edge of the water, but also a spirit that can fly in the light of Divine Wisdom.

It is here that I remember that I can choose this way of traveling through my life. Each day.

I invite you to do the same.