What is Holistic Life Coaching?

What is life coaching? Life coaching is an activity in which client and coach engage in a communication and action process with the intent to improve the client's quality of life, solve a specific problem, achieve a desired goal, and/or improve a client’s overall contentment with life and sense of well-being. Communication takes the form of face-to-face interaction, emailing, telephone conversations, and/or exchange of writing. Action takes the form of following through on suggested activities, behavior changes and self-care engagements. Many individuals desire change in their lives, feel an overall sense of dissatisfaction with life, or have a sense of feeling "stuck" in their life. Some individuals have experienced traditional counseling or therapy and know that this is not what they want or need to help them deal with their dissatisfaction. Life coaching may be an alternative to traditional therapy depending on the client’s mental health status. As a life coach, I encourage and guide an individual through the following process.

* Look honestly at your life. * Identify and reinforce what is working and change what is not working. * Create a vision of the life you want and work towards materializing the vision. * Make self-care a priority. * Get support. * Surround yourself with people you enjoy and who want you to have the life you want. * Take action towards change. * Take time to integrate change.

Why holistic? I emphasize looking at life as an integration of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. All areas must be addressed in order to feel fully at ease and well. Each aspect of life supports and enhances the others and can, conversely, detract from or diminish fulfillment in other aspects. Restoring balance and expanding consciousness are both key to general wellness.

ho·lis·tic including or involving all of something, especially all of somebody’s physical, mental, and social conditions, not just physical symptoms, in the treatment of illness

ill·ness a state of bad health, a disease, sickness, or other such indisposition

in·dis·po·si·tion an illness that is not serious, reluctance or unwillingness to do something