Video 1: How To Put Your Anger To Good Use

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How to Put Your Anger to Good Use

Has anger ever gotten in the way of you being able to speak well? Has it ever been a problem because you stuffed it inside? Has it ever been a problem because you’ve exploded and said things you didn’t want to say?

Anger was a real problem for me when I was younger. I was a stuffer because I didn’t like conflict and I didn’t have the skills to work through conflict in a productive way. It’s such a relief to feel emotion now and not have it run my life! Most women that I work with feel troubled by not having skills to manage emotions well. They often feel disempowered by their emotional states rather than guided well by them.

In this video series, you will be guided through new ways to consider the emotion of anger, and given skills and ideas about how to work with your anger in a useful way.

I'd love to know ~ How did this video help you to explore your anger in a more useful way?

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