Can you hear your heart calling for something...something different or something more?

You can, because life is meant to be more.

Answering this call will be the most important thing that you ever do. It is the beginning of creating life on your terms. Even if you don’t know what you want yet, I'm here to support and guide you there.

Because that is my sacred mission.

My mission is to help you you create an inner foundation of courage, authenticity
and peace.

With courage we act on our own behalf and do the scary thing to create exactly what we want. By being authentic, we create scenarios that uplift us and connections that support our growth. When we are at peace,  we are at home in our body, mind and our spirit.

Coming home to your body and soul is the most courageous and loving act you can perform.

Will you answer the call? Are you ready to journey within and make your inner world your sanctuary?

About Laurel Holland

In the early days of my life, I followed the path that was programmed for me.

School, work to live, marriage, family - I went from one stepping-stone to the next, all the while harboring a lot of unexpressed sadness in my heart.

The whole time, I was in survival mode – doing what I thought was right - doing what would avoid problems. I kept going because I didn’t know what else to do.

At thirty I had an emotional crisis that scared me enough to finally get help with my inner distress.

In time, I faced the truth that my marriage was not right for me. There was no "work" to return to because, with great relief, I had left the corporate world to be a stay-at-home mom. What was I going to do?

More than anything, I wanted to feel good inside. I committed to making that happen by investing precious time, energy and money to dive deep into my inner life. I sought answers to my most troubling questions, uncovering what it would take for me to live a life of purpose and passion. And that beautiful path opened. 

By facing and exploring my inner world, I was able to listen to my heart’s calling of guiding others through the inner work necessary to discover lasting satisfaction and fulfillment in life.


After 20+ years of coaching women and reflecting on my own transformation,

I identified eight foundational practices that I teach and share in my signature program, Live Your Inner Power™ and in my book, Courageous Woman: Live Your Inner Power™.  

Learning these practices creates an inner foundation of courage, authenticity and peace. With this inner foundation you’re able to advocate for yourself, make choices and create boundaries that are in alignment with what you desire, and...

...be the unstoppable force of love that you were born to be.

My heartfelt desire is to inspire you to share your light in your everyday life and to guide you into your unique flow. I know your gifts are there - the ones you were meant to bring out to the world - my wish is for you to experience them and live in that joy.

I'm here to share this sacred inner journey with you.

It's too hard to walk it alone. And you're not meant to.

Connecting and sharing during your sacred journey into your deep truth will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. 


Are you ready to take your sacred journey?

About Laurel Holland

Professional Background & Training

My practical and business nature developed as I completed an undergraduate degree in Management at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts. Working in the corporate setting taught me that accounting and administration weren’t my calling but also developed my business skills.

As I continued my education, I followed my heart's callings.

I began with a brief training in Court Mediation. From there I dove into Chinese Medicine through the lens of Tai Chi, Meditation and related workshops, including Feng Shui, the ancient art of placement.

I connected to Chinese medicine deeply and felt called to teach Tai Chi. While teaching Tai Chi, I still yearned for more understanding of Energy Medicine which led me to Reiki workshops, followed by studying Shamanic rituals and healing practices. Through all of this work I’ve learned so much about people and how they block their own energy flow, and how they can reverse it.

In the midst of all my energy exploration, training and study, I found Women Supporting Women in Exeter, NH. It was there that I learned Peer Leadership Training and discovered the world of Re-Evaluation Counseling. I co-founded Women’s Center for Wellness in 1997 which solidified my desire to return for a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. Over the course of the next five years, I completed the requirements to carry the license of Mental Health Counselor. I spent 10 years gaining skills as a mental health clinician and then, my path took me elsewhere.

I opened my Life Coaching practice in 1997. In private practice, I was finally able to incorporate all that I had mastered from both Eastern and Western Medical studies.

The influence of Eastern philosophy is apparent in my work with an emphasis on meditation and self-reflection, energy awareness, and learning to flow with a greater sense of the beautiful and mysterious workings of the universe.